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Security & Surveillance

In building Security & Monitoring System with CC Cameras ( both digital & analog video surveillance)

SUN DATACOMM is in service business, with a team of more than 100+ employees in South India delivering total integrated Data communications and electrical solutions, SUN DATACOMM customers are able to leverage the opportunity to have the one Company across India, deliver their data communications and Electrical requirements. As a part of SUN DATACOMM, the services include the design, installation and maintenance of digital video security and surveillance systems specifically designed for protection of major infrastructure and asset safeguard. Both unique and robust, these systems include seamless integration using existing onsite network infrastructure and offer vast opportunities in sectors of critical infrastructure monitoring, including power, mining, water, transport, government facilities, airports, defense, IT&ITES, Educational and both the retail & commercial sectors.

SUN DATACOMM has skilled and experienced technicians who can analyze your current security, make recommendations to improve, and assist you in implementing a cost effective more proactive and efficient digital security surveillance solution.

SUN DATACOMM maintain strong relationships with some of the largest and most established providers of security hardware and software and have a portfolio inclusive of the largest regional airports and utility companies in India.

SUN DATACOMM offer security at appropriate levels integrated into a single surveillance and monitoring system. The integrated IP based surveillance systems include network cameras, all controlled via an open platform IP video camera management system and accessible via local and wide area network. Extended features include scalability, flexibility; integration with other systems, remote monitoring, intelligent detection system, fast searching on event video, TCP/IP based technologies and much more.

Our collective experience has proven that you just cannot achieve the same results using the mainstream analogue CCTV cameras and DVR systems. SUN DATACOMM install IP surveillance systems rather than analogue to digital DVR’s because IP based camera systems enable customers to leverage off their already existing cabled networks where necessary. With the recent advent of IP based camera technologies now you can use the existing computer network infrastructure for digital video delivery.


SUN DATACOMM design, install and maintain security and access control systems, using state of the art technology for controlling and recording multiple images simultaneously within complexes.

These systems enable security staff to monitor all areas of the premises, allowing them to spot potential security concerns. Aside from obvious safety benefits, these systems create a secure and safe facility.

Integrated Security Systems and Networked solutions must be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. It is the skills necessary to design and deploy fully integrated security systems that set SUN DATACOMM apart from most of its competitors. We have extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Alarms, into a single networked system.

SUN DATACOMM experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets the objectives of the client expectations both now and in the foreseeable future.

SUN DATACOMM design, install and maintain CCTV systems and surveillance cameras. From a single camera to multiple sites, and multiple camera systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, SUN DATACOMM have experience in designing and installing them all. We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure those SUN DATACOMM stays at the forefront of the cutting edge technology. Systems can be stand along or networked and integrated with existing security systems, to combine and simplify monitoring and detection processes.